OpenLayers demo using BDGA data - WFS-T and more

City shortcut

Choose a city in the list

The map will automatically center to this location


This is a demo using BDGA data using the following features :

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WFS-Transactional with TinyOWS

Using the ModifyFeature control, Save Strategy and WFS-T protocol in OpenLayers and TinyOWS, road features can be added/modified/deleted to a PostGIS database. Modifications are kept.

Simple WMS print tool

Click on the "print" button. OpenLayers builds a MapServer mode=map request to merge the current base layer and all visible overlays in one images. The result appears in a new window.

Shortcut tool

Click on the City shortcut tool. Select a city from the list. The map will move its location. The list is dynamically created by the getCities.php script with mapscript.

Option-by-zoom strategy

At the upper zoom level, there is a vector layer of the Quebec regions. Using the OptionByZoom strategy, each zoom level has its own data source that have been normalized to have lighter geometry to be able to load more quickly.

HighlightFeature Control

The HighlightFeature Control is used on the vector road layer. When the mouse become hover a feature, the control change its color without selecting it. At the same time, a popup is of the feature's attributes is displayed.

DeleteFeature Control

When this control is activated, you can :

Data and some source files


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Indicative number

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